Earn a rating by winning or placing in rated tournaments. Earning a rating shows you've reached a certain skill level.

Players can play any division at or above their rating. For example, a AA rated player could play a AA, AAA or Open tournament but not an Unrated, B or A event. A new or Unrated player can join any level.

An earned rating lasts the rest of that season and through the following season. If not earned again it drops one tier every January 1st. For example, earning a AA in 2024 lasts through all of 2025, dropping to A in 2026, B in 2027 and Unrated after.


7th place in double elim 30+ teams gives A

Sanction requires 8+ players with AAA rating

With 15+ AAA rated players points are increased 20%
With 25+ AAA rated players points are increased 30%

If a tournament fails to meet minimum sanctioning requirements it instead awards ratings for the highest division it qualifies for. All rated tournaments must have at least 8 teams, besides the Women's B and Unrated. Examples: Women's AA with 13 teams but only 7 AA rated players will drop to Women's A. Men's AA with 11 teams will drop to Men's A.

A team must win at least 2 matches to earn a rating or points. Juniors, coed and 4's tournaments do not award ratings or rated points.