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2 Day double elimination Women's Open

General Information
Date August 07, 2021
Gender Female
Division Open
Location Manhattan Beach Pier
Entry fee $80.00 per Entry
Director JParker Saikley 310-220-9558

Tournament Director's Notes

The tournament takes place on the south side of the Manhattan Beach Pier. There are parking meters that take credit cards in the beach lots at the pier, but get there early because it fills up fast. Contact J Saikley with any questions. Text works best: 310 220-9558. CBVA TOURNAMENT PROTOCOLS DURING COVID General: *By attending the event, all players/spectators implicitly agree they feel healthy—they do not have a fever or cough or other COVID-like symptoms and are not aware of exposure to anyone with COVID or COVID-like symptoms. *Poor choices put your health and the health of others at risk. Failure to abide by safety protocols as set by the City, County, CBVA, and/or Tournament Director is grounds for team forfeiture and being asked to leave the event. *Players and spectators should abide by the minimum physical distancing guidelines as set by the City/County, except for 1) a player with his/her teammate, and 2) amongst people in the same household. *Spectators should set up their “camp” observing the minimum 6’ between groups. * Spectators, players (while not playing), and referees MUST wear face coverings. * High risk individuals are discouraged from attending. * All balls and equipment used for this event are sanitized pre-tournament play and again after the tournament. It is recommended that all players use hand sanitizer before play, during time outs, and after the conclusion of play. Extended Cancellation Policy: *A full refund will be granted to anyone not feeling well or has discovered recent exposure to someone with COVID or COVID-like symptoms. Please text the TD at the number listed on the CBVA website no later than 7 a.m. the morning of the tournament. Check-in Policy: * Please check the email that was provided at registration before starting your drive to the event. You should have received your court assignment and the rules and regulations (R&R). It is important to read and know these R&R beforehand. Report directly to your court assignment NO LATER THAN 8:45 a.m. Team #1 listed on each pool sheet will conduct a “roll call” at that time. BE PROMPT! * If this is your first tournament of the season, please pick up your t-shirt at the TD tent after 10 a.m. when there is no line. Play: * All games will be two-person format. (Only two players on each side of the volleyball court.) * Players should sanitize hands before warming-up for each game. Players should bring their own hand sanitizer, although hand sanitizer will be attached to each clipboard. * No handshakes, high fives, hugs, etc. before, during, or after games between opposing teams. * Side changes – teams should go around the opposite poles when changing sides. * Only the one court ball is to be used for all games played on that court. Please pay attention to your court ball number. Each team can warm up with ONE of their own balls. Do NOT use the court ball for warm up. * 1 pool sheet per court will be provided with only the first player listed from Team #1 on your pool sheet as the designated player allowed to fill out the scores/results. This person will then bring the completed pool sheet to the TD tent. * A score sheet will be given to all teams for reffing purposes; refs will report the score and result to the designated player with the pool sheet. It is advised that you bring your own pen/pencil to record the scores. However, pens/pencils will be available on the clipboard. * Players are discouraged from touching other court balls; use a soccer-style kick to send the ball back. BRACKET PLAY * All brackets will be kept at the TD tent. When all pool sheets have been turned in, the TD will use a PA (megaphone/microphone) to direct players/refs to their court assignments. Do NOT “huddle” at the TD tent. * All players must be onsite and listen for announcements to avoid delays in play. If a team is not on the court and cannot be found within 10 minutes, they will be forfeited.


FROM 405 SOUTH - Freeway 405 to Inglewood Avenue exit; Turn left at light on to Inglewood Avenue to Manhattan Beach Boulevard; Turn right on Manhattan Beach Boulevard to the Manhattan Beach Pier. FROM 405 NORTH-Freeway 405 to Inglewood Avenue exit; Turn right on Inglewood Avenue to Manhattan Beach Boulevard; Right on Manhattan Beach Boulevard to Manhattan Beach Pier; Meter Parking is $1 per hour.