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It Pays To Play with CBVA

$20,000 In Cash // $10,000 Per Gender

Introducing the 2018 Pays to Play program.

Earn points towards a cash prize by playing in Opens in 2018. Better finishes award more points, but no matter what all entries get points just for participating, meaning it truly Pays to Play. At the end of the 2018 season, we will be awarding a total of 20K in cash distributed between the top 10 men and 10 women players according to the Pays to Pay point scale. Start earning points now!

These points are purely for the Pays to Play rewards program; they are different and separate than those that you earn normally through playing CBVA and do not effect your CBVA player ranking or tournament seeding. Points are only awarded for participating in sanctioned Open division tournaments in 2018. $10,000 per gender in prize money will be awarded to the Top 10 players - including $2000 to the #1 spot!

Scroll down to check out your standings and see how you compare to your competitors. Go to the Schedule page for a list of all upcoming Opens.

Player Cash Prize
#1: $2000
#2: $1500
#3: $1200
#4: $1100
#5: $1000
#6: $1000
#7: $1000
#8: $500
#9: $400
#10: $300
Tournament Finish Points Awarded
1st Place 10
2nd Place 9
3rd Place 8
4th Place 7
5th Place 6
7th Place 5
9th Place 4
Participation (beyond 9th) 2

*Ties will be broken by total number of events participated in. If still tied, the players in the tie will split prize money for the spots in question.

Player 1 2 3 4 5 7 9 0 Participated Total Points
No matching players found.