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Represent expands the competition beyond tournament day - it allows you to represent your club, school, or beach so that you can see them rise in the standings. If you choose to represent your organization, any points you earn will also be awarded to your club, school, or beach. Click a tab above to see the current organization rankings!

By logging in and going to Player Profile, you can add organizations so that you are always representing them. Or, you can choose an organization at the time of tournament registration. Use the dropdown menus to choose your Beach Club, Indoor Club, High School, or Home Beach. If you don't see your organization listed, reach out to the office at or use the Contact Us link.

Points awarded to organizations reflect how they are awarded to players. Below is our base junior point scale - please go to the Junior Points page for a more in depth explanation on points, and how they may differ from this scale. All players in a tournament are awarded 5 participation points if they do not finish in 5th place or above. Points last for 1 year from the date earned, then drop to zero. 

Point Scale

Regular Schedule 12U 14U 16U 18U
First Place 100 points 200 points 300 points 400 points
Second Place 75 points 150 points 225 points 300 points
Third Place 50 points 100 points 150 points 200 points
Fourth Place 25 points 50 points 75 points 100 points
Fifth Place 15 points 30 points 45 points 60 points
Below Fifth / Participation 5 points 5 points 5 points 5 points

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Points are credited for one calendar year after being earned.

High School Points

Organization Points
Mira Costa High 33655 Details
Santa Monica High 31977 Details
La Costa Canyon 17187 Details
Redondo Union 13414.5 Details
Saddleback Valley Christian 12283 Details
Mater Dei High School 10836.5 Details
San Clemente 10184 Details
Agoura High 9525.5 Details
Palisades Charter High 8931.5 Details
San Marcos High 8563 Details
Huntington Beach High 8171.5 Details
Torrey Pines High 6666 Details
Beckman 6435 Details
Los Alamitos 6323.5 Details
Loyola High 5967 Details
Pacific Ridge School 5747 Details
Laguna High 5525.5 Details
Marymount 5361 Details
Arroyo Grande High 4690 Details
Francis Parker School 4430.5 Details
Dana Hills 4326 Details
Cathedral Catholic High School 3739 Details
Santa Margarita Catholic High School 3592 Details
Santa Fe Christian School 3560 Details
Sage Creek High School 3445 Details
Trabuco Hills 3431 Details
Wilson High 3282 Details
La Jolla High 3131.5 Details
Santa Barbara High 3110 Details
Newport Harbor High 2826.5 Details
Westlake High 2786 Details
Foothill High 2778 Details
Sage Creek High School 2160 Details
Ventura High 2157 Details
Calvary Chapel 2145 Details
Bishop Montgomery High School 2119.5 Details
Poly/Long Beach 2076 Details
J Serra 2028.5 Details
Scotts Valley 2003 Details
Poway High 1996.5 Details
Culver City High School 1987 Details
Halo Joe's Beach Volleyball Club (Saint Augustine High School) 1959 Details
Lutheran High School of Orange County 1787.5 Details
San Dieguito Academy 1750 Details
San Luis Obispo High 1650 Details
Edison High 1602 Details
Harvard-Westlake 1537 Details
Thoasand Oaks 1478 Details
Scripps Ranch 1373 Details
Palos Verdes High 1311 Details
Palm Beach Gardens High School 1280 Details
Dos Pueblos High 1275 Details
San Juan Hills 1231 Details
Sierra Canyon High school 1189.5 Details
Notre Dame High School 1148 Details
Venice High 1130 Details
Righetti High 1100 Details
Corona Del Mar 1090 Details
Point Loma High 1080.5 Details
Carlsbad High 1056 Details
Laguna Blanca High 1000 Details
Los Gatos High School 995 Details
Canyon Crest 947 Details
Oak Park High School 932 Details
Branham High School 865 Details
Our Lady Of Peace 840 Details
San Joaquin Memorial High School 840 Details
Half Moon Bay High School 831.5 Details
The Bishop’s School 826 Details
Aptos High 816 Details
Bishop Gorman 814.5 Details
Soquel High 770 Details
El Toro 750 Details
Chadwick 682 Details
Millikan High School 605 Details
Valencia High School 600 Details
Homestead High School 537 Details
Aliso Niguel High 450 Details
Pacific Collegiate School 443 Details
Notre Dame Acadamy 393 Details
Santa Ynez High 311 Details
Oaks Christian 307.5 Details
University High School 262 Details
Buena High 257.5 Details
Oceanside High 240 Details
Peninsula High 240 Details
Canyon High 165 Details
Mount Madonna School 108 Details
Castro Valley High School 79 Details
Nipomo High 60 Details
Crossroads 58 Details
South Torrance 54.5 Details
Saddleback 45 Details
Santa Cruz Harbor 45 Details
Tesoro 40 Details
Paso Robles High School 30 Details
Westview High 30 Details
Mission Viejo 25 Details
El Camino High 15 Details
Xavier College prep 15 Details
Bakersfield Christian High School 10 Details
Carpinteria High School 10 Details
Central Valley Christian High School 10 Details
Chico High 10 Details
Lakewood 10 Details
Woodbridge 10 Details
Estancia High School 5 Details
Fountian Valley 5 Details
Marina 5 Details
Simi Valley 5 Details
St. Margaret’s Episcopal School 5 Details
Aliso Niguel 0 Details
Beverly Hills High 0 Details
Bishop Diego High 0 Details
Calabasas High 0 Details
Camerillo High 0 Details
Capistrano Valley 0 Details
Carlmont High School 0 Details
Crean Lutheran High School 0 Details
De La Salle High 0 Details
Dwyer Middle School 0 Details
El Dorado 0 Details
El Segundo High 0 Details
Esperanza 0 Details
Fremont High School 0 Details
Glendora High 0 Details
Godinez Fundamental High School 0 Details
Golden Valley High School 0 Details
La Reina High School 0 Details
Malibu High 0 Details
Morro Bay High School 0 Details
North Torrance 0 Details
Northwood 0 Details
Olympic High 0 Details
Pacific Valley School of Big Sur Unified School District 0 Details
Pacifica Christian High School 0 Details
Park City High School 0 Details
Pleasant Valley High 0 Details
Quartz Hill High School 0 Details
Rancho Christian HS 0 Details
Royal High 0 Details
Sage Creek High School 0 Details
Sage Hill 0 Details
San Lorenzo Valley 0 Details
Santiago High School 0 Details
Sierra Pacific High School 0 Details
St. Pius X-St Matthias Academy 0 Details
Villa Park 0 Details
Village Christian 0 Details
Watsonville High 0 Details
West Hills High 0 Details
Points are credited for one calendar year after being earned.

Home Beach Points

Organization Points
Dog Beach 61022.5 Details
Hermosa Beach 40750.5 Details
Manhattan Pier 35008 Details
Doheny Beach 31851.5 Details
Marine Street, Manhattan Beach 29342.5 Details
Huntington at Newland St 28186 Details
Ocean Park Santa Monica 27856.5 Details
Main Beach Santa Cruz 23735 Details
Ocean Beach (SD) 23348 Details
East Beach, Santa Barbara 16876.5 Details
Pismo Beach 14004 Details
Pacific Palisades 13586 Details
Will Rogers 13372 Details
Zuma Beach 12319.5 Details
Mission Beach 12107.5 Details
Main Beach Laguna 10878.5 Details
Long Beach 7001.5 Details
6th and Berry (SF) 6180 Details
Newport Beach 5077 Details
Seal Beach 4973 Details
Ocean Beach, San Francisco 4504 Details
Huntington Beach Pier 3920 Details
Playa del Rey 3542.5 Details
Big Corona 1229 Details
Dockweiler/Playa 1015 Details
Waikiki Beach 715 Details
Chico 508 Details
Singer Island, Florida 314.5 Details
Sunset Park, LV 220 Details
Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach 101 Details
Points are credited for one calendar year after being earned.

Beach Club Points

Organization Points
Wave Beach Volleyball Club 82692.5 Details
MBsand 69559.5 Details
Elite Beach Volleyball Club 42895.5 Details
692 San Diego-Jeff Smith 28870.5 Details
Santa Monica Beach Volleyball Club 27387.5 Details
American Beach Volleyball Club 25232 Details
SC Beach Volleyball Club 18233.5 Details
LA Beach 16731 Details
Endless Summer VB Club 15714 Details
Crescent Beach Volleyball Club 15280 Details
Pismo Beach Volleyball Club 15094 Details
Coast Beach Volleyball Club 14602.5 Details
SandLegs Junior Beach Volleyball Club 13422 Details
Valley Girls 12735.5 Details
Sand Soul Beach Volleyball Club 12216 Details
Tamarack Beach Volleyball Club 9758.5 Details
210 Beach 9079 Details
San Diego Beach Volleyball Club 7761.5 Details
Beach 10K 7697 Details
Oaks Volleyball Club 5707.5 Details
Dakine Warriors Beach Volleyball 5464 Details
AVP Academy 5454.5 Details
Golden Coast Beach Volleyball Club 5299 Details
Shorebreak Beach Volleyball Club 5205 Details
SandSoul Beach Volleyball Club 5161.5 Details
Team Rockstar 4677 Details
Rise Beach Volleyball Club 4595 Details
T-Street 4374 Details
EliteVBC 4131.5 Details
Beach Elite 3365.5 Details
Kleos Beach Volleyball Club 3266 Details
Doheny Beach Volleyball Club 3155.5 Details
Mt View Beach Volleyball Club 3096 Details
Red Rock Beach Volleyball Club 2327.5 Details
Golden Gate Volleyball 2280 Details
Volley OC Beach Volleyball Club 2242.5 Details
RPM Sand 2205 Details
PUR Beach Volley 2198 Details
Viper Beach Volleyball Club 2180.5 Details
P1 Beach - Players First 2106 Details
Imua Beach Volleyball Club 2105 Details
Bay to Bay Volleyball Club 2069 Details
Elite Beach Volleyball - Fresno 2037 Details
So Cal Beach Volleyball Club 1840.5 Details
Academy Beach Team 1700 Details
Valley Sand Volleyball Academy 1683 Details
Circles Beach Volleyball Club 1507.5 Details
Texas Volleyball Tour Beach 1255.5 Details
Five Starz Volleyball Club 1140 Details
Hermosa Beach Volleyball Club 1096.5 Details
Fresno Heat Volleyball Club 946 Details
Rage Volleyball Club Beach 906 Details
Sports Academy Beach Volleyball Club 867 Details
Island Thunder Volleyball Club 780 Details
Moxie Beach 682.5 Details
Stealth Beach Volleyball 640 Details
Main Beach Volleyball Club 611.5 Details
Project Serve 589 Details
Beach Volleyball California Beach Volleyball Club 545 Details
USA Hermosa Beach Volleyball Club 520 Details
Sunshine Volleyball Club 512.5 Details
Sand Devils 476.5 Details
Newcastle beach volleyball club 475 Details
Bright Volleyball Club 474.5 Details
Vibe Volleyball Club 470 Details
Stingray Volleyball Club 409 Details
Xceleration Volleyball Club 401 Details
Dream in Gold Beach Volleyball 399 Details
Coast VB Club 391.5 Details
Volley For Life 338 Details
WestCoast Volleyball Club 320 Details
Ohana Beach Volleyball Club 308.5 Details
San Gabriel Elite Volleyball Club 299 Details
West Beach Team 255 Details
Vision Beach Volleyball Club 236.5 Details
Epic Volleyball Club 220 Details
Golden Gate Volleyball 163 Details
VolleyHawk 150 Details
Zia Volleyball 150 Details
Desert Sand Volleyball 146 Details
AVP Juniors (NorCal) 138 Details
LamoBeach Volleyball Club 123 Details
692 Texas 115 Details
Pacific Rim VBA 110 Details
Chicago Sand Volleyball 105 Details
LAVA-Los Angeles Volleyball Academy 71 Details
Oceanside Beach Volleyball Club 70 Details
Sun Set Beach Volleyball 66 Details
Grayhawk Beach 49.5 Details
Whiplash Volleyball Club 48 Details
Fury Beach Volleyball 40 Details
SF Elite VBC 39 Details
Wasatch Beach 30 Details
Club Cruz Volleyball Club 20 Details
No Fear VBC 20 Details
Mavericks Sand Volleyball Club 10 Details
North Pacific Junior VBC 10 Details
Austin Junior Volleyball 5 Details
Beach Voleyball Camps Beach Volleyball Club 5 Details
Hermosa Beach Volleyball Club “North" 5 Details
Juniors in the Sand 5 Details
Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club 5 Details
Team Wave Beach Volleyball Club 5 Details
VCVC 5 Details
A-MAY-ZING Beach Club 0 Details
Adam Johnson VBC 0 Details
Aloha Ball Club 0 Details
Auburn Aces Sand Volleyball Club 0 Details
AVA-Seattle 0 Details
Avalanche Athletics 0 Details
Beach First Volleyball 0 Details
BeachDig 0 Details
Bear Coast Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Cal Poly Men’s Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
California Blue Volleyball Club 0 Details
City Beach Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Club BeachDig -San Diego 0 Details
Club BeachDig-Florida 0 Details
Club Fred Volleyball 0 Details
CoreBeach 0 Details
Diglife Volleyball 0 Details
Dulles Volleyball (Grit Volleyball) 0 Details
Eclipse Sand 0 Details
El Toro High School Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
EVJ Beach 0 Details
Florida Sons/Suns volleyball 0 Details
Got Sand Volleyball 0 Details
Ivball 0 Details
Kamana Volleyball Club 0 Details
Kingston Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
La Jolla Volleyball 0 Details
Laguna Blanca Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Laguna Style Volleyball 0 Details
Millikan Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
New Zealand Beach Club 0 Details
NRG Beach 0 Details
OC Sand 0 Details
Offshore Beach VBC 0 Details
One Beach Club 0 Details
Paulele VBC 0 Details
Protege Beach 0 Details
Quickasand Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Risen Beach Volleyball Club (RBV) 0 Details
Rob & Will's Beach Club 0 Details
Roots Beach Volleyball 0 Details
Sage Hill Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Santa Clarita Juniors 0 Details
Seal Beach Sand 0 Details
Shoreline Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Showcase Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Side Out Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Silver Strand Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
SoCal Juniors 0 Details
South Bay Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
South Bay Volleyball 0 Details
Spikekey Beach 0 Details
Sports Shack 0 Details
Sunset Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Sunset Sand Volleyball 0 Details
SynergyForce 0 Details
TCA 0 Details
Texas Advantage 0 Details
The Beach Academy 0 Details
The Sand Club Academy 0 Details
Tiger Volleyball Club 0 Details
Triple Crown Beach 0 Details
Triton Beach Club 0 Details
Vegas Pursuit Beach 0 Details
Victory Volleyball Club 0 Details
Vintage Beach Volleyball 0 Details
Wahine Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Westwind Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Points are credited for one calendar year after being earned.

Indoor Club Points

Organization Points
MBsurf 38322 Details
Wave Volleyball Club 34784 Details
Surfside Volleyball 29624 Details
Mizuno Volleyball Club 24332 Details
Coast Volleyball Club 23012 Details
949 Athletics Volleyball Club 16542 Details
805 Elite Volleyball Club 15875 Details
T Street Volleyball Club 14265 Details
SCVC or Southern California Volleyball Club 14189 Details
Sunshine Volleyball Club 13953.5 Details
Balboa Bay Volleyball Club 13753.5 Details
Seal Beach Volleyball Club 10754.5 Details
SB Coast Volleyball Academy 8395 Details
Vision Volleyball Club 7321 Details
Epic Volleyball Club 7154.5 Details
Flash 619 6326.5 Details
Orange Coast Volleyball Club 5357 Details
Santa Barbara Volleyball Club 4736 Details
Laguna Beach Volleyball Club 3943 Details
San Diego Volleyball Club 3870.5 Details
Forza1 3016.5 Details
NorCal Volleyball Club 2838.5 Details
Pinnacle Athletic Club 2815 Details
Genuine Volleyball Club 2790 Details
Mountain View Volleyball Club 2735.5 Details
AMP Volleyball Club 2640 Details
Prime Volleyball Club 2367 Details
San Clemente Volleyball Club 2296.5 Details
Bay to Bay Volleyball Club 2279 Details
Imua Volleyball Club 2105 Details
Cal Coast Volleyball Club 2102 Details
Temecula Viper Volleyball 2068 Details
Main Beach Volleyball Club 1789 Details
So. Cal Athletics Volleyball Club 1633 Details
Mamba 1628 Details
Supernova All Stars 1548 Details
Palm Beach Juniors 1280 Details
Encore Volleyball Club 1257 Details
Red Rock Volleyball Club 1251 Details
Legacy Volleball Club 1200 Details
LBVC Long Beach Volleyball Club (formerly High Line) 1148.5 Details
Absolute Volleyball Club 1064 Details
Momentous Volleyball Club Irvine 1015.5 Details
La Jolla Volleyball 991.5 Details
Austin Junior Volleyball 949 Details
Apex1 Volleyball Club 910 Details
Island Thunder Volleyball Club 780 Details
West Volleyball Club 685 Details
HBC Volleyball Club 672 Details
Orange County Volleyball Club 651 Details
Sports Shack 544.5 Details
Saddleback Valley Volleyball Club 468 Details
Team Wave 440 Details
Fresno Heat Volleyball Club 420 Details
Stingray Volleyball Club 409 Details
Seaside Volleyball Club 400 Details
Pulse Athletics Volleyball Club 394 Details
San Gabriel Elite Volleyball Club 389 Details
LAVA_Los Angeles Volleyball Acadamy 380 Details
Beach Cities Volleyball Club 360 Details
Forza1 North 304 Details
Club V 294 Details
SF Elite VBC 238 Details
Bakersfield Volleyball Club 230 Details
A4 200 Details
Club Cruz Volleyball Club 183.5 Details
Fortitude Beach VB 150 Details
Exodus Volleyball Club 140 Details
East County Vb Academy 131.5 Details
EliteVBC 110.5 Details
Mavericks Volleyball Club 104.5 Details
United Volleyball Club 98 Details
VCVC 71 Details
Empower Volleyball 70 Details
Mid Coast Volleyball Club 63 Details
Moonlight Crashers 55 Details
Club Pacific Volleyball Club 54.5 Details
San Gabriel Elite 50 Details
Ohana Athletic Club 49.5 Details
Forza1 West 40 Details
Whiplash Volleyball Club 38 Details
Moonlight Crashers 30 Details
Club West 5 Details
East Valley Juniors Volleyball Club 5 Details
Forza1 East 5 Details
Fury Volleyball Club 5 Details
900 Sqft Volleyball Club 0 Details
951 Elite 0 Details
Arcadia Volleyball Club 0 Details
Beach and Bay Volleyball Club 0 Details
California Heat VBC 0 Details
City Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Claifornia Christian Volleyball Club 0 Details
Club H Volleyball Club 0 Details
Club Heights Volleyball 0 Details
Club MTV Sports 0 Details
Coast South Volleyball Club 0 Details
Cross Point Volleyball 0 Details
Dwyer Middle School 0 Details
E67 Performance Volleyball Club 0 Details
High Country Volleyball Club 0 Details
KVC 0 Details
Main Beach Laguna Volleyball Club 0 Details
Montecito Volleyball Club 0 Details
Newport Lighning 0 Details
Offshore Volleyball Club 0 Details
Orangecrest Volleyball Club 0 Details
Paulele VBC 0 Details
Pierside Volleyball Club 0 Details
Point West Mizuno Volleyball Club 0 Details
Rancho Valley Volleyball Club 0 Details
Santa Monica Volleyball Club 0 Details
SCVC Los Cab 0 Details
Shoreline Volleyball Club 0 Details
Showcase Volleyball Club 0 Details
SLO Fusion Volleyball Club 0 Details
SLO Volleyball Club 0 Details
Surf City Volleyball Club 0 Details
TCA Volleyball Club 0 Details
Tierrasanta VB Ocelots 0 Details
Tiger Volleyball Club 0 Details
TVC-Tustin Volleyball Club 0 Details
Vegas Pursuit 0 Details
Vintage Beach Volleyball Club 0 Details
Watsonville Crush Volleyball Club 0 Details
WAVA (Western Arizona Volleyball Academy) 0 Details
WestCoast Volleyball Club 0 Details
Westlake Volleyball Club 0 Details
Westwind Volleyball Club 0 Details