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The 2017 Premier Tour

The Premier Tour is designed to bring together the best of our youth players from across the state so that they may play for the Cal Cup Championship Title. It consists of 12 tournaments throughout the summer at locations from San Diego to Santa Cruz. Tour Stops award premier prizes and the winners are invited to Cal Cup - the Premier Tour Invitational Championships in Manhattan Beach on Saturday, August 26th, 2017.

Thank you all for playing in the 2016 Tour Stops and Cal Cup State Championships! To see who won (and all previous winners), please click the Past Winners tab above.


Tour Stop 1 - Girls 14U, 18U
Tour Stop 1 - Girls  12U, 16U
Tour Stop 1 - Boys 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U
Pacific Palisades
Tour Stop 2 - Girls 14U18U & Boys 14U, 18U
Tour Stop 2 - Girls 12U16U & Boys 12U, 16U
Huntington State Beach
Tour Stop 3 - Girls 14U18U & Boys 14U, 18U
Tour Stop 3 - Girls 12U16U & Boys 12U, 16U
Ocean Park/Santa Monica
Tour Stop 4 - Girls 12U16U & Boys 12U16U
Tour Stop 4 - Girls 14U18U & Boys 14U18U
Manhattan Beach Pier
7/18 Tue Tour Stop 5 - Girls 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U & Boys 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U East Beach, Santa Barbara
Tour Stop 6 - Girls 16U, 18U & Boys 16U, 18U
Tour Stop 6 - Girls 12U, 14U & Boys 12U, 14U
7/25 Tue Tour Stop 7 - Girls 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U & Boys 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U Long Beach
Tour Stop 8 - Girls 12U, 18U
Tour Stop 8 - Girls 14U
Tour Stop 8 - Girls 16U
Tour Stop 8 - Boys 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U
Doheny State Beach
8/2 Wed Tour Stop 9 - Girls 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U & Boys 14U, 16U, 18U Santa Cruz
Tour Stop 10 - Girls 12U, 14U, 16U
Tour Stop 10 - Girls 18U & Boys 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U
Ocean & Central Beach, San Diego
Tour Stop 11 - Girls 12U, 14U & Boys 12U, 14U
Tour Stop 11 - Girls 16U, 18U & Boys 16U, 18U
Huntington State Beach
Tour Stop 12 - Girls 14U18U & Boys 14U18U
Tour Stop 12 - Girls 12U, 16U & Boys 12U, 16U,
Hermosa Beach
8/26 Sat Championships - Stop Winners Only Manhattan Beach Pier


The Championships are purely invitational and have no entry fee. They will be seeded according to Adult Ratings then Junior Points according to all finishes through the Sunday before Cal Cup (Aug 20th, 2017). The Champions in each age group will receive championship prizes and a championship plaque.

Tour Stop Winners receive one bid as a team. The teammates must play together unless one player is unavailable (or accepts another bid to Cal Cup). If one teammate is unable to attend or has accepted another bid, the available player may replace him/her with an age- & gender-appropriate, active CBVA player. If both teammates are unable to attend or have accepted other bids, the bid automatically goes to the second place team.

Should all players of both the first and second place team be unable to accept the bid, it may go to the highest ranking CBVA player in the Junior Age Division who has not yet earned a bid, and the partner of his/her choosing.

*Should there be several open bids to be filled according to the rankings, the CBVA may elect consider an age division to be full with as few as 10 teams in order to preserve the level of talent and prestige of earning a spot in the Championship tournaments.

If you have received a bid, please accept or decline as soon as possible by emailing the CBVA office at by Monday, August 21st, 2017. Include:

  1. 1) Whether you accept or decline;
  2. 2) Your winning beach & date;
  3. 3) Your age group;
  4. 4) The names and player numbers for both teammates to be playing in Cal Cup (if accepting).

If you earn multiple bids with different partners, you may choose whichever partner you’d like to play with, but please remember to give courtesy notice to any winning teammates that you will not be playing with, so the he/she has ample time to find a partner.

*Please note- all players must have active CBVA memberships and must be age-appropriate.

Congratulations to all of these outstanding players!


2006 Girls Boys
18U Jacqueline Davisson &
Kayla Varney
Eric Olsson &
16U Natalie Hagglund &
Kendall Polan
Casey Leonard &
Dane Worley
14U Lara Taylor Dykstra &
Corinne Hemmersbach
John Caroompas &
Taylor Sander
12U Sara Hughes &
Rebecca Strehlow
Matthew Butler &
Nick Valles
2007 Girls Boys
18U Sarah Prather &
Kianna Niu
Casey Leonard &
Dane Worley
16U Susan Carlson &
Tara Roenicke
John Caroompas &
Taylor Sander
14U Jane Cronson &
Jianna Bonomi
Cody Caldwell &
Rusty Sary
12U Justine Wong-Orantes &
Sara Hughes
Jake Reeves &
Micah Lyle
2008 Girls Boys
18U Karissa Cook &
Olivia Ruff
Dillon Auxier &
Dane Worley
16U Natalie Hagglund &
Kelly Reeves
Taylor Sander &
John Caroompas
14U Sara Hughes &
Justine Wong-Orantes
Kyle Baily &
Parker Brown
12U Mary Ansemo &
Lan Nguyen
Nick Valles &
Brandon Murray
2009 Girls Boys
18U Jane Croson &
Falyn Fonoimoana
Chad Kingi &
Brian Cook
16U Jianna Bonomi &
Cassie Strickland
Chris Long &
Parker Brown
14U Sara Hughes &
Justine Wong-Orantes
Grant Chamlers &
Christopher Kennedy
12U Abril Bustamante &
Payton Change
Joshua Tuaniga &
TJ Defalco
2010 Girls Boys
18U Katie Spieler &
Nicki Brown
Austin Kingi &
Taylor Hammond
16U Justine Wong-Orantes &
Sara Hughes
Andrew Sato &
Kyle Baily
14U Adlee Van Winden &
Taylor Nelson
Ben Oxnard &
Nick Valles
12U Joy Dennis &
Mckenna Hines
Casey McGarry &
Roy McFarland
2011 Girls Boys
18U Katie Spieler &
Danielle Rottman
Michael Brinkley &
Zack La Cavera
16U Adlee Van Winden &
Taylor Nelson
Casey White &
Grant Chalmers
14U Savannah Renne &
Sierra Lyle
Matt Douglas &
TJ Defalco
12U Presley Forbes &
Sunny Villapando
Bobby Barkley &
Gage Worsley
2012 Girls Boys
18U Courtney Crosby &
Justine Wong-Orantes
Kyle Baily &
Riley Mallon
16U Jenna Belton &
Tamara Mead
Tyler Bird &
Vincent Pizzuti
14U Joy Dennis &
Kathryn Plummer
Gage Worsley &
Noah Dyer
12U Rachel Ahrens &
Victoria Ashkinos
Bobby Barkley &
Dane Johnson
2013 Girls Boys
18U Sarah Sponcil &
Susannah Muno
TJ Defalco &
Matthew Reilly
16U Abril Bustamante &
Skylar Caputo
Blake Markland &
Davis Gillett
14U Cami Sanchez &
Lindsey Sparks
Luke Grafton &
Dane Johnson
12U Brielle Mullally &
Hanna Farnsworth
Bryce Dvorak &
Dayne Chalmers
2014 Girls Boys
18U Abril Bustamante &
Skylar Caputo
TJ Defalco &
Parsa Rezvani
16U Emma Smith &
Sammy Slater
Gage Worlsey &
Kyle Skinner
14U Lindsey Sparks &
Abby Van Winkle
Dane Johnson &
Ethan Shinn
12U Ashley McManus &
Kylie Pries
Gabriel Dyer &
Aaron Phan
2015 Girls Boys
18U Anika Wilson &
Torrey Van Winden
Noah Dyer &
Tanner Woods
16U Lindsey Sparks &
Savvy Simo
John Schwengel &
Tyler Logan
14U Lindsey Kelly &
Olivia Bakos
Mason Briggs &
William Rottman
12U Ava Gallien &
Leah Kelly
Cade Martin &
Gabriel Dyer
2016 Girls Boys
18U Chanti Holroyd &
Madilyn Yeomans
Rob Mullahey &
Will Bantle
16U Jaden Whitmarsh &
Kyla Doig
Jevan Coronado &
Luke Grafton
14U Kate Reilly &
Makenna Gaeta
Luke Turner &
Miles Partain
12U Kelly Belardi &
Savannah Standage
Mick Bakos &
Ryan Sprague