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Playing Juniors

We are committed to a fun, healthy, competitive lifestyle through our favorite way to spend a day - playing beach volleyball. We believe in sunshine and sunscreen - in being the best players we can be, as well as the best community members we can be. Whether you are new to the game or just new to the sand, a salty rated veteran or a Division I hopeful, 10 years old or 18, we have juniors tournaments for you all summer long.

Getting Started with CBVA is simple

1 Click the Join button, or Login to activate your membership. Membership lasts through the calendar year, expiring Dec 31, and gets you access to our schedule, includes you in our rating system and database of records, and of course gets you that CBVA membership t shirt.
2 Go to our Schedule and choose the tournament(s) you are interested in. Follow the steps to choose your team, review, and pay to complete registration. Heads up that you will need to have a partner ready.
3 Show up and play! Unless otherwise noted, all tournaments: start at 9:00am (which means show up by 8:30 at the latest), are for 2-person teams, and are either Girls, Boys, or Coed. Tournaments are run by our all-star Tournament Directors at awesome beaches along California from San Diego to Santa Cruz.


DIVISIONS: Our Juniors tournament divisions are according to age groups - check out the Age Groups tab above for exact cutoff dates. In addition, we've added four new Juniors divisions:
-- Elite for our most competitive 18U and 16U athletes who are in it for the challenge. (Please check in with the Tournament Director for more info and eligibility questions regarding this division!)
-- 12U Rec &14U Rec for players new to the beach game. The competition will be more relaxed - only participation points are given.
-- 10U Mixed for our youngest future all-stars, tired of being on the sidelines watching their older siblings play. Teams in this division can be made up of any combination of Male and Female - all playing together in one tournament.

PLAYER RESPONSIBILITIES: Players must be respectful of all players, directors, staff, and spectators. This includes being on time, knowing the rules, fulfilling reffing duties, and being understanding with those who are newer to beach volleyball or CBVA. Check out the Player Responsibilities tab above for more information.

POINTS: Players earn points by playing - usually 5 for participating, and more for a 1st through 5th place finish. We use a base scale with a bonus point system, which means the bigger the tournament the more points you can earn for a top finish. Our Premier Tour Stops tend to draw more competition and award double the points! Go to the Juniors menu and choose Points for learn more about our point system.

REPRESENT: Players can choose to represent their club, school, or home beach. Any points a player earns will also be awarded to the organizations they represent. Choose your affiliations in My Profile or when choosing your team during tournament registration, start playing, and watch your org rise in the rankings

PREMIER TOUR: CBVA hosts 12 Tour Stops throughout the summer, which culminate in the coveted Cal Cup Invitational State Championships. Invitations are awarded to the 1st place team at each Tour Stop. These tournaments draw the greatest competition and are player favorites - so sign up early before they fill up! Go to the Juniors menu and choose Premier Tour to learn more about the tour and Cal Cup.

PLAYING UP: We encourage players to ‘play up’ in age group as long as they are comfortable - this includes playing in rated tournaments for the older and more skilled Junior players. We believe the best way to develop your skills is to play - and to play against more skillful players. However, please keep in mind that a couple years in age difference, particularly amongst teenagers, can mean a big size and power difference. If you are interested in playing adult tournaments, note that those are skill-based divisions: Unrated is the most beginner, AAA/Open are the highest level. Check out our FAQs for more details on the adult rating system.

GENDER: Players must play within their gender unless the tournament is a designated coed or coed 4's tournament.


HUGE thank you to our wonderful partners that help us bring this awesome sport to our beach volleyball community.

PS... Are you interested in partnering with CBVA for sponsorship opportunities? Click here!

Our players are responsible for being respectful and informed participants at tournaments. This means:

Show up on time​: Unless informed otherwise, all tournaments start at 9am and may go all day. Be prepared to show up by 8:30am to check in and warm up, and to stay as long as you remain a part of the tournament. This includes your reffing responsibilities.

​Know the rules​: You can review the rulebook here . If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a CBVA Tournament Director, the office, or even a more experienced player! The best way to learn the rules is to get out and play and we’ve all got to learn sometime, so please be thoughtful teachers and gracious students.

Tournament participants must report all head injuries, even when mild, to the tournament director immediately.  The tournament director will evaluate the player using CDC guidelines for concussion symptoms.  Should any symptoms be present the player agrees to be removed from activity for the remainder of the day.

Play fair & don’t forget to ref: we all want to win! Play hard, but play fair to preserve the integrity game. You must fulfill your duty to ref - this can include ​*after*​ your final loss in playoffs! Remember that the refs are not professionals but players doing their best. Beginning in 2023 if you leave without fulfilling your ref duty during playoffs, there will be a $10 fee charged to the credit card used to purchase your membership.

Respect all CBVA players, staff, and spectators​: we are a great group of athletic, competitive, beach-loving people with a passion for beach volleyball and a wide range of skill levels and experience. Please be respectful of everyone in our community.