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George Stepanof - Committee Chair

Chris Brown

Kevin Cleary

JP Saikley

Sinjin Smith

Randy Stoklos

Matt Gage

Mike O’Hara

Liz Masakayan

Brian Meckna

Barbra Fontana

Holly McPeak


Top ranked volleyball players who have maintained a high degree of excellence and superior play over a significant period of time and have played in California volleyball events.

Each candidate has to have devoted a major part of his or her life to the sport of volleyball, and has made positive and meaningful contributions.

For a player to be considered as a viable nominee, there must be a five year interval after playing at their highest competitive level.

Annually the Hall of Fame Committee will develop a slate of nominees and select at least one male and one female, with no more than three players being inducted each year. An additional person may be selected in criteria (2) from time to time, in addition to players selected in criteria (1).


The CBVA will request current Hall of Fame members and CBVA members to submit nominations for the Hall of Fame. Categories 1 & 2 (all nominations need to be sent in with a short “bio” from the nominator about the nominee).

After the nominations come in, the Hall of Fame Committee will then review the nominations to determine the eligibility of the nominees. The Committee will then send out a condensed list to the Hall of Fame members, who vote on the new years nominees with the number of nominees to be no more than 5 men and 5 women.

The Hall o Fame members will vote on the top 3 choices (at least 1 male and 1 female). After the votes come in the Committee will determine the number of inductees for that year.

Mike Cook
Kathy Gregory
Bernie Holtzman
Ed Montan
Mike O’Hara
Gene Popko
Gene Selznick
George Stepanof
Ron Von Hagen
Jean Brunicardi
Keith Erickson
Kirk Kilgour
Chris Marlowe
Miki McFadden
Sharky Zartman
Bobby Barber
Matt Gage
Nina Matthies
Jim Menges
Mike Bright
Ron Lang
Eileen McClintock Clancy
Jon Stevenson
Mary Jo Peppler
Butch May
Robert Vogelsang
Kathy Hanley
Greg Lee
Charlie Saikley
Larry Rundle
Ernie Suwara
Al Scates
Barbara May
ZoAnn McFarland
Randy Stoklos
Robi Hutas
Tim Hovland
Mike Dodd
Henry Bergman
Johnette Latreille
Sinjin Smith
Andy Fishburn
Dane Selznick
Kent Steffes
Linda Robertson Hanley
Denny Smith
Manny Saenz
Steve Obradovich
Dennis Hare
Nancy Reno
Karolyn Kirby
Karch Kiraly
Jackie Silva
Wilt Chamberlain
Linda Chisholm
Brent Frohoff
Tom Chamales
Liz Masakayan
Pat Powers
Gary Hooper
Gary Martin
Mike Whitmarsh
Angela Rock
Kevin Cleary
Brian Lewis
John Hanley
Holly McPeak
Art Couvillon
Scott Ayakatubby
Adam Johnson
Janice Opalinski
Eric Fonoimoana
Buzz Swartz
Patty Dodd
Jack Adriance
Jose Loiola
Barbra Fontana
Bob Clem
Ricci Luyties
Lisa Arce Zimmerman
Nancy Cohen Fredgant
Jon Hastings
Dain Blanton
John Featherstone
Elaine Youngs
Fred Zuelich


The Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame is located in the Hermosa Beach Historical Society museum, at 710 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach CA, 90254 US


Each fall, the Hall of Fame committee solicits nominations from the beach volleyball community for the next class of inductees. The committee considers each nominees historical finishes, contributions to the game, and eligibility to create a slate. The slate is voted on by the past Hall of Famers to select their newest class of peers.

Typically around mid-November, CBVA and HBHS host the Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, held at the museum's location (above). The ceremony/celebration is a fun event and a great reunion for the California beach volleyball community, open to everyone.

We will post more information about the 2017 once we are closer to the event.

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